Experience Greater Productivity in 2010

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A new year always presents fresh challenges... and some leftover ones, too. The most common challenge to carry over from year to year is the drive to be more productive. 

For a lot of us, that means eliminating programs or events that we see as low value so that we can concentrate on the pressing issues.

One tactic with a bull's eye on its back often is the Town Hall Meeting or staff huddle. "I'll cut back from four town halls to three," they'll say. This seems like an insignificant change, doesn't it? However, the negative impact on productivity can be dramatic.

Instead of viewing one less all-employee meetings as a benefit to your schedule, see it for what it really is: one less opportunity to share key organizational goals and messages.

Here are four key methods for transforming meetings from a check-the-box exercise into a powerful experience that enhances productivity of your organization, builds skills of your managers, and instills accountability across the business.

  • Maximize the meeting experience. Forget the two-hour event and instead create an energized, highly focused meeting that touches on the key business, market or other issues facing the organization.
  • Divide the meeting into two parts. Use the first 30 minutes for sharing news and other messaging; set aside the last 30 minutes for answering employee questions.
  • Tap a wider pool of speakers. Pull in leaders from local or regional offices to give the meetings a closer-to-home feel. Employees like to hear how enterprise-level initiatives relate to their jobs and their workplace.
  • Keep messages alive. To keep the conversation going after the town hall meeting concludes, arm your managers with messaging packets – bullet points with enterprise message detail, tools for localizing those messages, discussion starters and FAQs.


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