Employee Engagement is Number-One Challenge for Communicators for 2013: Dulye & Co. Research

Pittsburgh, October 16 – Communication professionals from a broad range of organizations report that “Employee Engagement” is their number-one challenge for 2013, according to a recent poll conducted by Dulye & Co.

The same poll uncovered that communication professionals view “Employee Engagement” as an issue that is not on the priority list for company executives.

“We see a huge gap between how communication professionals view the needs in their organizations, and their view of the priorities for other company executives,” says Linda Dulye, president and founder of Dulye & Co.  “The biggest challenge for 2013 for the communication community may be the need to educate leadership on the importance of employee engagement as a key contributor to business success.”

The Dulye & Co. poll was conducted in early October and was distributed to members of the International Association of Business Communicators in the IABC Heritage Region, which includes 17 states in the Northeast, Midwest and South Central areas, and has the largest number of IABC members of any region worldwide.  The results were announced today at the IABC Heritage Region annual conference in Pittsburgh.

Other notable findings from the poll included:

  • As leaders, communication professionals rate Strategic Planning as their top priority
  • In general, communication professionals report good working relationships with their boss, company executives and colleagues
  • Overall, most communication professionals expect staffing and funding levels for the communication function to remain stable in 2013
  • Communication leaders at higher levels (VP and Director) have a greater focus on Business Development as a priority for 2013 than communicators at lower levels.
  • Economic Uncertainty also ranks high as a challenge for communication professionals in most types of organizations, except government.

“Making the connection between employee engagement and the ability of the organization to deliver on other strategic goals, such as customer satisfaction and competitive advantage, continues to be a challenge,” says Dulye. “Particularly in the current environment of economic uncertainty, leaders need to acknowledge and nurture the ‘hidden’ advantage that exists within their own organization and can be unleashed by improving communication and employee involvement.”

Full results from the Dulye & Co. poll can be accessed at http://dulye.com/2013workplacetrendsresearchreport.

Dulye & Co. is an award-winning employee engagement and workplace communication consultancy and the global leader in creating Spectator-Free Workplaces™.  Since 1998, Dulye & Co. has helped many of the world’s most-admired companies engage their associates to give their best, using proven practices in two-way communication, empowered action teams, manager development and real-time measurement to deliver results. 

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Linda Dulye, President
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