Dulye Rocks Our World Fall Training Spectacular

Linda Dulye's picture

For those of you who've said: “We'll explore engagement and improvement programs when the earth moves,” well, if you're on the East Coast, you just received your sign!  As a result, we're making this one-time offer guaranteed to rock your world – again!

Many of us are approaching the final quarter of the year and have some “use-it-or-lose-it” training money around.  

Contact us by Sept. 1 and book training with our President, Linda Dulye, for our award-winning manager development course, Communicating for Results & Relationships.  You’ll receive an instant, ground-shaking 10% discount off the training price for up to a dozen participants! You’ll look like the office’s most fiscally responsible star when you book this sought-after training at our lowest price – ever!

Communicating for Results & Relationships offers practical tips and readily applicable tools to help managers communicate better. The course fine tunes a manager’s ability to discuss business—in good times and bad, encourage candid conversations, actively listen and recognize others for a job well done.

This “Dulye Rocks Our World Fall Training Spectacular” is a limited, earth-shattering offer so act fast! 

Contact Roger Gibboni at Dulye & Co at 845.987.7744 / rgibboni@dulye.com


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