Dulye is proud to announce the International Monetary Fund as a valued client!

Dulye & Co. President & Founder Linda Dulye will be making the trip to Arlington, VA, later this month for the International Monetary Fund, Technical and General Services (TGS) Department: Annual Manager Retreat, to present "Communicating for (Truly Great) Results and Relationships: Practices that Work."

During her interactive presentation, Linda will raise leaders’ awareness of the impact of their day-to-day communication on staff performance, and the commitment they need to own and demonstrate for bringing out the best in their team.

The TGS managers attending the session will learn how to:  

  • Rely more on personal communication channels and physical presence to build relationships
  • Make business information more relevant and meaningful by aligning messages with shared goals
  • Be an exceptional listener who demonstrates interest and curiosity through open-ended, closed-ended and clarifying questions
  • Lead effective conversations with two-way communication techniques that create an environment where employees feel free to openly voice opinions and concerns
  • Understand how their behavior influences others and one’s credibility
  • Give and receive constructive feedback
  • Demonstrate accountability in words and actions that builds trust and inspires others
  • Recognize employees using spontaneous, no/low-cost practices.

Click here to learn more about Dulye & Co.'s Leadership Development programs and workshops. 


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