Dulye & Co. Spectator-Free Workplace™ Solutions: Action Planning Overview

Action Planning: A Magnet  for Engagement and High Performance

Go from ISSUES to SOLUTIONS by driving engagement and innovation through a disciplined, multi-directional communication process that builds workplace partnership and team member accountability.

Dulye & Co. defines engagement as both an outcome and a process. Engaged employees feel connections—to their organization’s business goals and plans, to co-workers and to senior leaders. Engagement builds shared ownership of a company’s business plan and priorities. It stimulates a WE not ME focus. We call that a Spectator-Free Workplace™.  

Dulye & Co.’s Action Planning Process is a magnet for engagement and high performance.This disciplined process develops employees’ problem-solving skills and business knowledge. By using simple, standard tools and formal guidelines, diverse project teams collectively assess barriers that throttle communication, morale and productivity, and then develop corrective actions that require shared ownership.

Action Planning quickly develops team members to:

  • initiate multi-directional dialogues
  • brainstorm viable ideas for mitigating issues
  • develop improvement plans with assigned responsibilities and schedules
  • work with leaders to resource, introduce and implement plans
  • track and monitor progress
  • learn problem-solving & process improvement skills

Critical success factors for the Action Planning Process:

  • A sound business need for improving
    operational and organizational performance.
  • Clear expectations that align with business goals and priorities.  
  • Sustained executive support, willingness and capability to delegate responsibilities and develop people.
  • Open communication lines for sharing constructive feedback, ideas and critical information needed to stretch, change, and grow as an organization.
  • Commitment to continuous learning and improvement using
    our 2-phase, Plan-Do-Check-Act (PCDA) model. 

Dulye & Co.’s Action Planning Process has helped these admired companies go