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Hurricane Irene and Tuesday’s East Coast earthquake are critical reminders of the importance of timely communication among managers and their employees.  

It’s imperative to regularly connect with those in the workplace and especially remote employees,  who are traveling, home based or working at remote sites when natural disasters hit or are looming. The connection should be two-way, enabling outgoing messages to be aired and incoming feedback to be received and responded to.

Here are tips for keeping the lines of communication active and open during a disaster:


No. 1: Take down silos. Natural disasters are times for teamwork – not bickering and tension. Bring work teams together, physically if possible, or through web and teleconferences to hear about preparedness or response plans from senior managers representing several organizations. Just seeing senior leaders act collaboratively sets the paradigm for expected actions by the team.

No. 2: Create an action plan. Any plan – whether in advance of a storm like Hurricane Irene or in response to an unexpected earthquake – should be developed for business operations and communicating special procedures. The most effective plans engage diverse teams, representing multiple business and levels. Plans should include specific back-up responsibilities of work groups and team members, as well as cross training to ensure business continuity. Additionally, a common media platform should be identified for outgoing messages, such as a social networking site if the workforce is ‘wired’ or even old-school whiteboards will do the trick for groups without electronic media access. There should also be a common channel for questions, ideas and other incoming feedback from associates. Remember, that two-way capability is essential.

No. 3: Rely on face to face whenever possible.

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