Don’t Let Mother Nature Catch You By Surprise

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Even though summer seems to be waning, it’s still hurricane season in the Atlantic and Gulf Coast regions of the U.S. And, believe it or not, it won’t be long before winter arrives with its frosty bluster. Is your team prepared to connect – and stay connected – with each other?

Take some time to develop your own plan for keeping lines of communications open and the business humming. Here’s how:

  • Update contact lists. Crunch time is not when you want to discover that a key team member has a new cell-phone number. Don’t assume everyone has updated Outlook or their phone’s contacts. Create a frequently updated document with your team’s phone numbers, email addresses and home address information. Distribute it to the team and post it on a shared drive accessible by the entire team.
  • Document travel schedules. Whether it’s for business travel, PTO or vacation time, capture where your team members will be and when. This simple step will help you schedule the right amount of staff coverage and be aware of your team’s whereabouts.
  • Establish key points of contact. If your plant is shut down by an ice storm, who will contact your customers to notify them of delivery delays? Who should your customers contact with questions they might have? An ice storm in the east, a customer in the west and a plant manager on vacation in Mexico is a recipe for disaster.

A dash of preparation and responsiveness goes a long way toward showing your colleagues and customers that you take your responsibilities and their needs seriously.


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