Don’t Go Down Like the Titanic in Your Next Job Interview

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Over the last few years, many have compared the U.S. economy to the Titanic – headed straight for an iceberg – and ultimately disaster. But despite all of the ups and downs, business leaders remain optimistic about the economic prospects in the year ahead.
In a new survey by Chase Commercial Banking, more than half of the senior financial decision makers polled at 1,000 U.S. companies said they plan to hire more workers.
Great news for current or soon-to-be job hunters. But are you ready for the big interview?
Advance preparation is essential, says Sue Edelstein, president and founder of The Edelstein Group, an executive search firm specializing in placements for the advertising industry.
Without putting the time and effort into research and rehearsal, Edelstein warns you’re likely to have a Titanic moment—and go down with the ship during the interview process. “You are judged in a matter a seconds,” she says. “Success takes work.”
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