Don’t Be Afraid to Share the Spotlight

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Spotlight.jpgIn sports, no one likes a “ball hog,” someone who takes all the shots, gets all the glory. The workplace is no different.

Taking all the credit for successes or quickly pointing the finger of blame at someone else is an easy way to alienate your peers. Instead, share the credit or give the kudos to someone on your team.

US Airways’ Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, the pilot that saved all 155 passengers on board a US Airways jet when he landed it on the surface of the Hudson River on Jan. 15, 2009, understands this. Here’s part of a report from NPR’s Scott Simon, who interviewed Sullenberger recently:


"…Sullenberger is quick to credit everyone else involved with the dramatic rescue. It required teamwork, Sullenberger says, "not only on the part of my crew, but the admirable behavior of the passengers during the evacuation and the rescue."

As you start looking for ways to re-energize your leadership skills in 2010, think about how you can give more credit to your team or your peers. Think about how your team’s motivation will soar when they are receiving credit for the work they do – particularly work that’s done behind the scenes.


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