Don’t Assume Employees Know What To Do With Your Big Initiatives


Dulye & Co.’s Goal Polls help you rally people around what your organization is trying to accomplish. 

Using simple, secure polls, we quickly assess the awareness, alignment and accountability of a workforce to act on goals. On-demand scorecards crisply report results—and feature actionable recommendations for keeping employees, managers and leaders engaged.

Here’s our approach:

Call for action. Zero in on the catalyst for strategic change that’s top priority at your company.  Is it Operational Excellence? Continuous Improvement? Safety-Conscious Work Environment? Working with senior leadership, we simplify, clarify and get agreement on two things:

  1. the biggest initiative for changing awareness, attitude and actions.
  2. the paramount need for real performance data about its impact.

Stop second guessing workforce accountability and initiative sustainability. Get calibrated and recharged.

Calibrate status. Periodically evaluate the progress and impact of that primo strategic initiative. We develop the metrics, questions and methods for polling. We can target measurement to a specific group or go broad across the enterprise. Our secure, web-based polling platform is compatible with hand-held, laptop and desktop devices. Hard data and direct feedback are collected and compiled, and then we provide analysis about how performance stacks up against concrete business goals. Our easy-to-read dashboards and results reports readily transfer from executive reviews to front-line huddles—without costly rework. Real data. Solid insights. Fast.

Charge ahead. What happens next? It shouldn’t be analysis paralysis. Meaningful data opens the door for corrective action. Signature to Dulye & Co. measurement reports is our Spectator-Free Action Plan™ with recommendations for engaging leaders, managers and employees to give their best. We design next steps to be inclusive. Management mandates don’t work. The job for reviving strategic initiatives and recharging performance belongs to everyone. Not just those at the top. Unleash. Unite. Succeed.

Stop initiative fizzle. Gauge and go forward with Dulye & Co. Goal Polls. Find out more from Bev Pierce at Dulye & Co., or 708-788-6204. 


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