Customer Comments

"I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate your leadership and service. Bev Pierce has provided outstanding strategic direction and support, for which I am very grateful. Dulye & Co. has been instrumental in building a legacy to be proud of."

Vice President, Lockheed Martin Space Systems 

 "Linda Dulye has a wealth of experience to draw on in designing her presentation and the stories and examples that she sprinkled throughout her presentation kept the audience involved and thinking about ways to improve their performance.  She was the MVP (Most Valuable Presenter) at our conference and I enthusiastically recommend her to any conference, business, or non-profit organization to share her knowledge, skills and talent."

Chair, New England YMCA Leadership Conference

 "Linda Dulye was able to connect with our leaders quickly and gained their trust as an expert in her field. Our managers were captivated by her fun, energetic style and they really understood her simple, yet powerful messages. Linda really helped us start momentum in our organization that was kinetic and will be easily sustainable through her customizable tools!"

Director of Communications and Public Affairs, Mount Carmel Health System

"Linda Dulye has a dynamic presentation style and is both engaging and informative. She stays on point and connects to the audience, involving them in the story-telling process. She has an impeccable ability to cut through clutter and grasp the audience’s attention to really focus on the important topics that are right in front of you."

Region Director, International Association of Business Communicators