Could You Re-recruit Your Team When the Job Market Revives?

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Linda Heasley is president and chief executive of retailer The Limited. When interviewed for The New York Times' Corner Office series, she was asked to describe her management style. Here's what she said:  

I believe that my associates can work anywhere they want, and my job is to re-recruit them every day and give them a reason to choose to work for us and for me as opposed to anybody else.

So it's about making it fun. It's about making it exciting. It's about keeping them marketable. I encourage people: "Go out and find out what the market bears. You should do that and then come back and help me figure out what you need in your development that you're not getting, because we owe you that."
In today's economy, many employees are staying put whether they want to or not. The job market has yet to thaw and options are slim. The current job's outlook makes Heasley's comments all the more interesting.
How confident are you that your staff would choose to stay with your organization if the job market were flush with opportunities? No one seems to be able to predict when companies will ramp up hiring, but that shouldn't give managers and leaders a false sense of security.
Now's the time to do some ramping up of your own. Make sure you're checking in regularly with each member of your staff. As employees get stretched thin, you want to know if they're losing steam before you see a drop in productivity or quality. Leave plenty of time in your staff meetings for Q&A. Set aside time for listening.
Who knows? You might be re-recruiting them right now. In fact, you are.


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