Coming Jan. 25: Boost Employee Engagement with Measurement Webinar

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Does this sound familiar? Workplace initiatives sprung from dismal employee surveys: here today, gone tomorrow – or, at best, next month.

Commitment fades quickly after an exciting rollout to improve communications, trust or morale.

Employees bog down in everyday routine and shift priorities.
We can help you break this vicious cycle. A disciplined measurement system of instant polls, online dashboards and transparent reporting will keep managers and employees accountable and spur success.

Join Linda Dulye, president and founder of Dulye & Co and a leading change consultant, for this new Ragan Communications webinar, “How to boost employee engagement with careful measurement.” In this highly engaging and informative session you’ll learn:

• Practical techniques and tools to ensure employees stay engaged and productive during new workplace initiatives.

• How hard data transforms so-called ‘soft’ communication initiatives. Get insight into how the thoughts and actions of your workforce tie to the bottom line.

What’s more, Linda will share case-study examples from organizations with limited resources and skeptical leaders will guide communications and HR professionals on new ways to improve:

• Executive engagement – share clear messages, shed filters and formalities, open the problem-solving door through connections like blogs, town hall meetings and workplace walk-arounds

• Manager engagement – take on the role of key communicator and facilitate two-way communications, translate strategic plans and trigger active discussions about business performance

• Associate engagement – teach employees to give constructive feedback, find better ways to work, and build teams

The bottom line? If you don’t measure often, you can’t keep people engaged.

Register today, learn best practices for measuring your work and see results.


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