Break out of the traditional boring meeting mold

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Dulye & Co. was featured recently in Newsday's Small Business column. Read below for an excerpt and link to the full article:

No one likes sitting through a boring, pointless staff meeting, yet that's what many of us have to do on a daily or weekly basis.

If you're looking to avoid a roomful of employees' dull stares at your next staff meeting, you need to find ways to break out of the traditional meeting mold, and that starts with doing less talking and more listening, say experts.

"Meetings aren't just for the big boss and the manager with the biggest title to do all the talking," says Linda Dulye, president of Dulye & Co., a Warwick, N.Y.-based management workplace consultancy. "It's a staff meeting and needs to be communally owned."

Input from staff is critical if you're going to move beyond just a one-sided information share.

"We want people to be engaged at the meeting," says Dulye. "You shouldn't pay people to be spectators."

Build engagement
That's why she recommends that each meeting have a co-facilitator who can help design the agenda and help lead the meeting. You'd rotate this position among employees. It not only creates engagement within the meeting, but also gives you insight into employees' most pressing concerns, she says.

Create an agenda that can go out at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting so people can prepare and you can keep the meeting on course, Dulye advises. ...

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