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Don’t Go Down Like the Titanic in Your Next Job Interview


Over the last few years, many have compared the U.S. economy to the Titanic – headed straight for an iceberg – and ultimately disaster. But despite all of the ups and downs, business leaders remain optimistic about the economic prospects in the year ahead.
In a new survey by Chase Commercial Banking, more than half of the senior financial decision makers polled at 1,000 U.S. companies said they plan to hire more workers.
Great news for current or soon-to-be job hunters. But are you ready for the big interview?
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The Cost of Missed Opportunities


As an avid Syracuse University athletics fan, I’m still smarting over the loss of our men’s basketball team in the NCAA Elite 8 tournament. There were many missed opportunities in rebounding and shooting that snarled players’ performance.  In the end, those missed opportunities cost the team a big game.

That’s not strictly a sports story. Missed opportunities play havoc as well in business. Indecision, or, not taking the opportunity to make a decision, has its own costs – and those costs sometimes exceed that of an even bad decision.
As consultants, clients often come to us to help them make a decision. They invest time and money in our services. We collect data, make recommendations and create action plans.  Sometimes, despite the investment of time, money, and compelling research, a client elects to do nothing. Among their reasons: “It’s not the right time because we’ve got so much on our plates,” they tell us. “Let’s wait until after the executives’ offsite meeting,” they say. The bottom line: It’s a missed opportunity. And there’s always a cost to the organization.
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How to Use March Madness for Small Talk With Employees


March Madness is here and has taken hold of workplaces, large and small. It’s a rarity to find an office associate – whether on the loading dock or rug row – who’s not pulling up online scores and checking over their brackets. Even the Oval Office has a March Madness pool.
Most likely you’ve heard of the productivity stranglehold of this hoops hoopla. One major study estimates this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament will result in 8.4 million hours of lost productivity among U.S. workers.
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Oscar-Winning Film, The Artist, Inspires Us to Really Listen

At 100 minutes, the Oscar-winning Best Picture, The Artist, may be the ultimate practice session for improving your listening skills. I’m sure you’ve heard by now that it’s a silent movie – an extraordinary resource for training to listen with your eyes and zoning in on non-verbal cues.
Watching this brilliant black and white film requires fixed focus on the actors – their facial expressions, hand gestures and body movements – to fully comprehend the storyline.
And the same applies when it comes to communication at the office.

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Get on the ‘Linsanity’ Wagon and Up Your Game


Even if you’re not a sports fan – it’s hard not to know about Jeremy Lin. The New York Knicks point guard has spawned a fanatical following dubbed “Linsanity” that has taken over The Big Apple, the country and points well beyond.

Lin’s on-the-court performance this month has been insanely stellar. In less than a week, he sealed a Knicks Valentine’s Day-victory with a last-second (actually, .5 second) three-pointer. Twenty-four hours later, he helped the Knicks’ winning streak climb to seven games. Over the weekend, a disappointing February 17 loss against New Orleans proved to be a small bump in the road—because Lin rebounded with a 28-point performance against the Mavericks two days later and  moved the victory needle another notch. The Knicks have won eight of their last nine games—and Lin has netted 20 or more points in all but one of those games.

Is Communication MIA in Your 2012 Business Plan?

I had a call with a business leader last week to talk about the business horizon for 2012.

It was the first time I had spoken with this leader, who heads manufacturing operations at a major global company. One of the things I wanted to know about was his business plan for the new year. He immediately started talking about safety, quality and some other operational goals, which was expected. After a few minutes, I asked him where communications fit into the business plan and he responded that it didn’t.
It was just assumed.
The truth is, it was absent. And, the leader’s company is headed for a 2012 of dramatic upheavals in workflow and workforce reductions. Visible, painful changes will hit just about every department and level. And yet, missing in action is a game plan for openly, regularly and consistently talking about what’s happening, why it’s happening and what people need to do to stay focused and work together.
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Take a Cue from NFL Commissioner and Score Big With Employees

If you’re a sports fan like me, chances are you’re gearing up for this weekend’s Super Bowl showdown between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots. The rematch between these two rivals is expected to draw a record global audience and advertising frenzy.

One of the biggest players in the game, however, won’t be doning a helmut or shoulder pads. He’s Roger Goodell, the NFL’s Commissioner.                                           

Recently, “60 Minutes” aired an interview with Goodell, an extremely likeable guy whose love of the football spans his lifetime. Goodell makes $10 million a year to oversee the NFL’s 32-franchise, business machine that generates $10 billion in annual revenues. He’s a highly-respected CEO with a proven success record honed by some fundamental communication skills.

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Five Ways to Seize 2012 Goals Right Now

All the hustle and pressure from holiday shopping, cooking, entertaining and over-indulging reigns supreme. As a result, most of us enter the New Year feeling utterly exhausted and, often times, go back to work with a post-holiday hangover.

That’s not exactly the ideal mental or physical state for re-engaging employees when they return to work in January. That’s why it’s so important to make the time and have a game plan to get your team back on track and restore the momentum you had before the holiday frenzy.

You need to move quickly – don’t procrastinate on this action. Of course everyone needs a little ramp-up time after a few days away from the office, but in this economic climate, losing ground can mean the difference between having an edge – or losing it.
So make sure you use January to get team members into the groove of seeing and seizing 2012 goals.
Here are five ways to get your team moving forward: