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Developing the Manager-as-Communicator


As the economy continues to struggle and uncertainty climbs in the workplace, the only way for managers to motivate employees today is more money, right?  Wrong.

Read on to find out what your employees value the most and listen to the two must-hear podcasts ...

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Webcast: A "How To" Success Kit for Town Halls



Thank you to everyone who registered for and attended our webcast on effective town hall meetings!

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Be Open and Candid…or Someone Else Will


ope quote

Openness and engagement got a big boost this week, thanks to President Barack Obama and the Office of Public Engagement. 

Mr. Obama unveiled a new initiative: the Office of Public Engagement (OPE)—and declared its purpose to make government “inclusive, transparent, accountable and responsive.”  (Read all about it at
Those four principles—inclusive, transparent, accountable and responsible—should  by no means be exclusive to the operating practices of the US Government. They readily apply to the work environment of public and private organizations ...

Making the most of your budget in a cost-constrained environment


The first quarter of 2009 is complete and what a rocky road it has been for us all.  How did you fare over the first 90 days of the new year?  What went well? What didn’t?  The end of the first quarter provides a time for reflection – and realignment – in order to ensure our programs remained focused and on track.

But, what if more things DIDN’T go well than did?  What if you were forced to shift priorities and resources to carry out a large reduction in force?  What if the corporation’s need for cash prompted a cross-functional 10-percent-across-the-board “contribution” to meet commitments to corporate?

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Dulye Leadership Experience 2009 in Photos

Forever changed...that's what the the Dulye Leadership Experience 2009 did to the forward plans and thinking of this year's class of 12 Syracuse University juniors and seniors. "My weekend at the Dulye Leadership Experience will never be forgotten and my learning will be carried with me forever," said junior Tory Gentes. "The weekend gave me tools to carry through my journey of life and a career."

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Tips for Filling Seats at All-Hands Meetings


Scheduling an All-Hands or a Town Hall meeting is one thing, getting people to attend is another. How can you make the most of the time you've set aside with your employees by getting them to participate? Linda provides some timely tips to help fill the seats at your next big meeting.

Tired of lethargy? Let employees have input


When times get lean, we need all hands on deck to make sure that the work gets done and executed efficiently. Make sure your employees understand that they are the valued asset that you say they are. Let them have input and be your in-house experts.

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Linda Dulye featured in Ragan article on Town Halls

Today, Linda Dulye was featured in an article about the recent movement to bring new energy to town hall meetings.

For organizations thinking about taking town halls online, Obama’s event provided much to emulate, say communications pros — starting with the way the president invited people to take part, via one of his own videos at Linda Dulye, president of communication and change management firm L.M. Dulye & Co. in Warwick, N.Y., gives Obama the thumbs-up for the personalized approach — and says you should do the same.

“Whatever senior leader is hosting the town hall needs to be the voice of the invitation,” says Dulye, who counsels corporate clients on town hall events. “Don’t have the invitation coming from the admin.” The intended audience will take the invitation more seriously when the request is personal.

Read the full story here.

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Podcast: Goodbye Suggestion Box!

It's no surprise that the suggestion box in most organization is met with skepticism and mistrust. In this podcast, Linda shows you a practice to increase the engagement from your employee suggestion program.

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Acting on data builds trust, teamwork and an involved workforce


Last month’s edition of Spectator-Free Workplace highlighted the value of measurement in a workforce communications program.  Identifying the key drivers of your communications program, measuring them and communicating them to your boss and your business’ management team are all important elements of maintaining an effective communications process – and keeping your job.