Lift Sagging Engagement by Driving SUV


Regardless of size, no company can afford spectator employees. Yet, they are out there in full force—especially in federal government offices.

Earlier this week, the annual "Best Places to Work" study by the Partnership for Public Service, revealed that federal employees' satisfaction and commitment are at their lowest point ever since 2003. The government-wide employee engagement score is 57 out of 100, based on survey data from workers at nearly 400 agencies. Max Stier, the president and chief executive of the Partnership for Public Service blames the erosion on "a failure of leadership."

Sad stats.  But correctable if managers do more than test drive SUV. Click here to continue reading...

How to find the right mentor - A conversation with Linda Dulye

Linda Dulye talks about finding a mentor, networking and debunking myths that might stand in our way during the job search process. 

Syracuse University Career Conversation Success!

As you may recall, before the Thanksgiving break, Linda Dulye visited the College of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University, to facilitate a Career Conversation that focused on how students pursuing a liberal arts degree can achieve career success.
The event was well-attended as nearly 80 students turned out to hear from Linda Dulye ’77, an alumna of the College!
We asked some of the students in attendance to share what they learned during the event. To hear what they had to say, click here.
And, to hear Linda’s advice to liberal arts students, click here.

Hear what others had to say:

"Your reflections were pertinent to more than the young people who eagerly absorbed your wisdom and candor; as a woman at 61 who has encountered many “lightning bolts,” I returned from campus affirmed and charged with energy to continue to pursue consulting work and the services I offer to various departments at Syracuse and the world at large." --SU Faculty Member

"Although the presentation was initially geared towards those intending to graduate with College of Arts & Science degrees, I learned a lot from your stories and expertise. I spoke with you afterwards briefly about my passion to help others and seeing them succeed in relation to the "I am" statement. Thank you for helping us to further understand the importance of branding ourselves not only as professionals but as individuals navigating our lives through human interaction and an open mind." --Student, B.S. Information Management & Technology | School of Information Studies, Syracuse University ‘15

"It's refreshing to hear about the work force and what they are looking for because ever since I started thinking about graduate school, people stopped showing me options other than that. Being at your session made me curious and interested me in the industries that I could get involved in with my major in Neuroscience/Biology" --Student, College of Arts and Sciences | Neuroscience/Biology ILM, Syracuse University '16


It’s Still Engagement! Annual Poll Reveals Engaging Employees Remains Top Workplace Challenge


The need to engage today's workforce isn’t diminishing. For the third consecutive year, employee engagement emerges as a top priority facing companies regardless of size or industry, according to results of the Annual Workplace Trends Poll conducted by the International Association of Business Communicators and measurement partner Dulye & Co. of Warwick, NY. Continue reading.

Linda Dulye to present at alma mater


Linda Dulye, a Syracuse University '77 grad, is heading back to her alma mater to present at her very own College of Arts & Sciences, to students interested in learning how to translate their liberal arts education into career success. During her interactive session, "Get Hired: Pump Up The Power of You and Your Liberal Arts Degree," Linda will address students on how to:

  • Craf their career story
  • Position their liberal arts education as a positive for prospective employers
  • Prepare for job interviews
  • Overcome career search challenges

Linda is also the founder of the Dulye Leadership Experience at Syracuse University--a skills-centric, professional development program for creating globally competitive, career-ready students. A passionate SU alumna with deep family ties to Syracuse University, Linda wanted to give back to her alma mater in a truly unique way. The program was launched in 2008, and today claims nearly 100 graduates and more than 25 faculty members.

Dulye is part of a rich family legacy at Syracuse University. The Carrier Dome Press Box is named in honor of her journalist father, Raymond J. Dulye (SU ’31). Linda’s brother, Raymond Jr., was a 1971 graduate of SU. Linda is on the faculty of SU’s Winston Fisher Seminar and serves as an adviser to the Syracuse University Athletics Department and Athletics Director Dr. Daryl Gross.

“I take great pride in my Orange roots and the opportunity to give back and make a difference,” says the Warwick, N.Y., resident, who is an active philanthropist and supporter of various local, state and national animal rescue causes.

Dulye is proud to announce the International Monetary Fund as a valued client!

Dulye & Co. President & Founder Linda Dulye will be making the trip to Arlington, VA, later this month for the International Monetary Fund, Technical and General Services (TGS) Department: Annual Manager Retreat, to present "Communicating for (Truly Great) Results and Relationships: Practices that Work."

During her interactive presentation, Linda will raise leaders’ awareness of the impact of their day-to-day communication on staff performance, and the commitment they need to own and demonstrate for bringing out the best in their team.

The TGS managers attending the session will learn how to:  

  • Rely more on personal communication channels and physical presence to build relationships
  • Make business information more relevant and meaningful by aligning messages with shared goals
  • Be an exceptional listener who demonstrates interest and curiosity through open-ended, closed-ended and clarifying questions
  • Lead effective conversations with two-way communication techniques that create an environment where employees feel free to openly voice opinions and concerns
  • Understand how their behavior influences others and one’s credibility
  • Give and receive constructive feedback
  • Demonstrate accountability in words and actions that builds trust and inspires others
  • Recognize employees using spontaneous, no/low-cost practices.

Click here to learn more about Dulye & Co.'s Leadership Development programs and workshops. 

4th Consecutive Year as IABC Heritage Region Speaker: 7 Strategies for Getting Leaders to Communicate

Linda Dulye delivers an impactful and practical session for the 4th consecutive year at the 2014 IABC Heritage Region Conference in Providence, RI.

Effective communication is a team sport!  It takes capable, motivated players who understand how to win--and rules, regulations, plays, scoreboards, and timers to successfully guide them. In the absence of structure, support and equipment, teams splinter and performance falters.

At this session, attendees learned concrete strategies for getting leaders out of the stands to build a spectator-free workplace™ where open, two-way communication with employees truly thrives. Linda Dulye’s practical models and tools showed attendees how to:

  • Collect hard data about the effectiveness of day-to-day communications
  • Coach top leaders to value and invest in strategic communications
  • Build leaders’ capabilities and confidence to communicate
  • Inject discipline and responsiveness into communication practices
  • Unclog feedback mechanisms and increase their use by company executives
  • Track progress and hold accountability.

Additionally, Dulye & Co. sponsored the networking reception, where Linda revealed the 2015 Workplace Trends Poll.  Now in its third year, this online poll canvassed business professionals from around the world for their priorities and plans for driving a high performance workplace.

The poll was conducted by Dulye & Co. in partnership with the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) and PR Newswire.

Click here to access a complimentary copy of the condensed 2015 Workplace Trends Poll results and to listen to a live recording from the Dec. 9, 2014 webinar where results were revealed. 

To learn more about Dulye & Co. measurement programs, please contact Bev Pierce at Dulye & Co., or 708-788-6204.

Linda Dulye and Valued Client Team Up to Deliver 2014 Conference Board Presentation

Linda Dulye and valued client, Lauren Bedell of Avenues New York, team up at The Conference Board's 2014 Strategic Human Resources Communication Workshop to deliver an informative, one-of-a-kind presentation, "Engagement Strategies that Bring Out the Best—in Employees and Workplace Communication," inspired by the Action Planning Program project completed during the summer of 2014. 

Do you look to the front-line to solve some of the biggest workplace challenges?

At Avenues New York, cross-department communication had hit some big potholes. But rather than mine solutions at top levels, senior leaders put decision-making into the hands of a diverse employee-lead Action Team. Trained in disciplined problem solving and equipped with hard data, these front-line staff members developed improvement plans that are now taking action. This session introduced attendees to the Action Planning process and showed how:

1. Senior leaders learned to let go and empower employees 
2. Employees quickly united as a productive team 
3. Meaningful problem solving occurred in an expedient and efficient way
4. Accountability and progress were tracked and reported regularly

To learn more about Dulye & Co.'s Action Planning Programs and how to bring out the best in your employees, contact Bev Pierce at Dulye & Co., or 708-788-6204. 

Job Shopping? Six Tips for Building a Strong Network


Building a strong network should be a work-day constant.

New opportunities can arise anywhere and anytime?in a lunch line, on the train home or when placing your morning latte order. 

Dulye & Co. president and founder Linda Dulye teams up with a networking guru to offer six practical tips in her latest Fox Business Column for making great people connections.


5 Tips to Overcome the Post-Vacation Blues

Summer vacations and long weekends are a good thing. They offer important downtime for staff to recharge and refocus. But the shift from beach cabana to office cubicle is often a struggle. 
Here are 5 ways to help team members quickly shed post-vacation blues and get back in the groove of work: