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Hurricane Irene and Tuesday’s East Coast earthquake are critical reminders of the importance of timely communication among managers and their employees.  

It’s imperative to regularly connect with those in the workplace and especially remote employees,  who are traveling, home based or working at remote sites when natural disasters hit or are looming. The connection should be two-way, enabling outgoing messages to be aired and incoming feedback to be received and responded to.

Here are tips for keeping the lines of communication active and open during a disaster:


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When natural disasters strike, touch base with remote employees

The pending Hurricane Irene and Tuesday’s east coast earthquake are triggering a communication must for managers of remote employees. Reach out and directly connect with employees who are traveling, home based or working at remote sites where natural disasters hit.

Regardless of the hurricane category rating or quake size, once a manager is alerted to the news of a natural disaster, he or she should personally place a call to a team member who may be affected. That personal connection speaks volumes and shows that the manager really cares.

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Dulye Rocks Our World Fall Training Spectacular

For those of you who've said: “We'll explore engagement and improvement programs when the earth moves,” well, if you're on the East Coast, you just received your sign!  As a result, we're making this one-time offer guaranteed to rock your world – again!

Many of us are approaching the final quarter of the year and have some “use-it-or-lose-it” training money around.  

Contact us by Sept. 1 and book training with our President, Linda Dulye, for our award-winning manager development course, Communicating for Results & Relationships.  You’ll receive an instant, ground-shaking 10% discount off the training price for up to a dozen participants! You’ll look like the office’s most fiscally responsible star when you book this sought-after training at our lowest price – ever!

Communicating for Results & Relationships offers practical tips and readily applicable tools to help managers communicate better. The course fine tunes a manager’s ability to discuss business—in good times and bad, encourage candid conversations, actively listen and recognize others for a job well done.

This “Dulye Rocks Our World Fall Training Spectacular” is a limited, earth-shattering offer so act fast! 

Contact Roger Gibboni at Dulye & Co at 845.987.7744 /

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How to Launch an Effective Engagement Program: 5 Tips to Get Going


From spring employee survey campaigns come fall engagement programs. Unfortunately, many companies rush to create engagement initiatives without fully understanding what they are doing.

As a facilitator of engagement programs in major companies, my first counsel is to be clear and unified around what engagement is and what you expect it to accomplish.

Define, review and refine. What is your definition of engagement? What is your objective? You can’t successfully start an engagement program or expect lasting results, if you don’t have a clear goal that ties directly to the business plan.

So, how do you do this?

Detroit to Host IABC Heritage Region Conference: "Shifting Gears: Adapting to the New Normal"

DETROITAug. 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Registration is now open for the sixth annual International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Heritage Region Conference taking place October 9-11, 2011 at the Westin Book Cadillac in Detroit, Michigan.  

The two-day professional development conference "Shifting Gears: Adapting to the New Normal," features a mix of sessions focused on branding, employee communications, leadership, measurement, social media, and strategy development.

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Leading Change Requires Patience and Compromise


The battle over the United States' debt ceiling and the government's desire to reduce its colossal deficit have left people bewildered, frustrated and often exasperated. "It can't be this hard, can it?" the public cries.

Any leader who's had to communicate a complex and largely unpopular change – or for that matter even a tweak to operations – understands that it's not easy to get all the critical stakeholders on board with change.

In other words, yes, it can be this hard, especially when there's the degree of distrust and animosity we often in see in the public sector – like that roils beneath Washington, D.C.

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Lessons from News Corp. and … Marie Callender's?

Over the past few weeks a pair of business stories caught our eye, one an evolving global scandal, the other a smaller-scale issue impacting markets around the U.S.

This first is the saga surrounding News Corporations' The News of the World newspaper – and its near-immediate closure. It's been juicy reading for media watchers the world over, and of particular interest to those who root against Rupert Murdoch, News Corp.'s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

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Craft Your Strategy for Winning the War for Talent


From our perspective, the war for keeping talent is well under way.

Companies striving to keep their greatest asset and competitive weapon – their people – must activate or fine tune recognition programs that focus first on managers and their ownership of recognition and retention practices.

Our research indicates that how an employee is recognized matters more than what is actually given.

The how of recognition generally is handled by a manager – and those who execute with sincerity, preparation and clear communication create powerful experiences that can be a magnet for retention.

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Key Success Factors: Trust and an Open Mind

Every leader seeks a path to success and once they discover that path, virtually every leader looks to put their own mark on it. That's what makes us such passionate observers of leadership and communications.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Peter Löscher, the president and chief executive of Siemens and a former college athlete, discussed the most essential components of succeeding as a leader and in building high-performing teams: trust and a blank slate.

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Five Tips for Your Next Employee Focus Groups


A proven Dulye & Co. technique for checking the pulse of the organization is a no-frills employee roundtable.

Here are five strategies for roundtables that get the input you need without wasting anyone's time.