Five Tested Tips for New Leaders Like the NFL’s First Female Coach


This week, Jen Welter got a great new job.

She became the first female coach in the  National Football League—receiving an offer from the Arizona Cardinals.

Experience and knowledge of the game earned  Welter--who holds a PhD in psychology and multiple championship titles from 14  years of play in the Women’s Football Alliance--her career advancement. But as  a newcomer to the Cardinals’ organization, Welter faces the challenge of quickly  integrating.

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Are You Suffering From LAHI?

Riding my bike this morning, I passed a bus stop where commuters were in cue, lined up single file and waiting. What instantly struck me was that all ten people were doing the exact same thing. Their heads were down, and their eyes and fingers were affixed to their cellphones. Complete silence. No one was talking with anyone inches away.

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Why are interns so crucial to a business?


Interns are one of the most invaluable assets that your company can invest in. “Why?” you might ask. Here’s 5 reasons:

Help Your Managers Communicate, Connect, Motivate Others


Managers have the greatest influence on workforce engagement in organizations large and small. But most aren’t ready for the responsibility or trained for success—or worse, don’t realize that it’s a major part of their job.

With the goal of building relationships that achieve meaningful results, Dulye & Co. offers a high-impact learning experience that equips managers to motivate and engage others through effective two-way communication.

Our Spectator-Free™ Manager Development Program uses simple models, practical tools reality-based exercises and support tips with instant application on the job. Content is customized for managers at all levels—whether they are experienced, new or aspiring. Continue reading. 

Linda Dulye is teaming up with IABC/Harrisburg on upcoming webinar!


Webinar: Techniques for Engaging Leaders to Invest in Engagement

Speaker: Linda Dulye, President/Founder,
Dulye & Co. 

Date: Wednesday, April 22, 2015, 12-1:00 pm

Cost: Complimentary for IABC Members/$35.00 for Non-IABC members. All proceeds will support IABC/Harrisburg. 

This webinar is sponsored by the Harrisburg Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators.

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Linda Dulye’s 2014 IABC Heritage Region Conference Session Earns Rave Reviews!

Dulye & Co. President & Founder Linda Dulye's session "7 Strategies that Get Leaders to Communicate" earns rave reviews and high marks at the 2014 International Association of Business Communicators Regional Conference.

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Don’t Assume Employees Know What To Do With Your Big Initiatives


Now that your company has introduced big goals for 2015 with big meetings and big presentation decks, are employees ready to act? Read more about how Dulye & Co. Goal Polls can keep your team connected. 

Stop Asking Employees for Their Feedback


That's sound advice for countless companies with leaders who genuinely aren't interested in associates' comments or really don't know how to hear them. Asking for feedback without ready and able leaders is a surefire way to destroy trust, morale and relationships.

Before you conduct another engagement survey or focus session to canvass employees' input, spend time preparing leaders to comfortably and confidently receive direct feedback—the bad and the good—and respond.

Dulye & Co. has trained thousands of executives, managers and supervisors in two-way communication techniques that:

  • relate important information
  • improve listening
  • stimulate conversations
  • promote shared learning
  • build personal confidence.

Our newest program—Communication Essentials for New Managers—is specifically tailored to help aspiring and first-time managers effectively connect with direct reports and motivate them to high performance.

Our in-person workshops and web-based seminars feature reality-based exercises that sharpen critical communication skills and practical tools that instantly transfer to the workplace.  And we track progress and accountability to sustain every manager’s development.

Find out more about our Spectator-Free Workplace™ Training Programs from Bev Pierce at Dulye & Co., or 708-788-6204. 

Linda Dulye to present for second year in a row at PRSA Connect 15 Conference

When communication breaks down, who you gonna call?

For most organizations, it's the Corp Comm Team. But that's yesterday's approach. Stand-out companies turn to front-line associates for ideas on how to better connect people and improve their morale. The best solutions are waiting to be mined levels below the C-Suite. The time is right for communication professionals to guide executives to trust and tap this priceless talent pool.

Avenues New York Executive Lauren Bedell joins Dulye & Co. Founder Linda Dulye to deliver an interactive session, "Engagement Case Study:  Strategies that Bring Out the Best—in Employees and Workplace Communication," at this year's PRSA Connect 15 Conference in Chicago, IL, May 18-19.

How do you get front-line associates to solve big workplace challenges?

At Avenues New York, cross-department communication hit potholes. Rather than mine solutions at executive levels, recommendations percolated from an empowered employee team. Trained in problem solving and armed with hard data, this ad-hoc team canvased co-workers for ideas and held regular dialogues with senior leaders as part of a game plan for improving how people connect with each other and the business.  

Avenues New York Executive Lauren Bedell joins Dulye & Co. Founder Linda Dulye to deliver an interactive two-part session that showcases strategies for engaging leaders and employees to be advocates and partners for making day-to-day communication and work relationships better.

Part 1: Identify the business need. Create ownership and the change strategy:

  • Use data to uncover critical issues and cement senior leaders’ interest
  • Coach senior leaders to let go and empower employees
  • Help employees take action and feel valued
  • Train employees to learn the business and act like business owners
  • Develop a strategic plan for real change from the bottom up

Part 2: Execute the strategy. Expand ownership. Sustain momentum:

  • Create new working relationships between employees and senior leaders
  • Introduce improvements and enlist buy-in
  • Build capabilities and skills at all levels to support improvements
  • Stay focused on the plan
  • Evaluate progress from real data, not presumptions.

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Communication 101: Keep Practicing


In less than 60 seconds President & Founder Linda Dulye shares simple tips that will enhance your communication skills.