Don’t Assume Employees Know What To Do With Your Big Initiatives


Now that your company has introduced big goals for 2015 with big meetings and big presentation decks, are employees ready to act? Read more about how Dulye & Co. Goal Polls can keep your team connected. 

It’s Still Engagement! Annual Poll Reveals Engaging Employees Remains Top Workplace Challenge


The need to engage today's workforce isn’t diminishing. For the third consecutive year, employee engagement emerges as a top priority facing companies regardless of size or industry, according to results of the Annual Workplace Trends Poll conducted by the International Association of Business Communicators and measurement partner Dulye & Co. of Warwick, NY. Continue reading.

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Five Ways to Maximize Your Investment in Interns

By Linda Dulye, President & Founder, Dulye & Co.
Published in Fox Business | Sept. 30, 2013
Whether your company has 
1 or 100 interns, Dulye & Co.
can help you maximize your investment in young talent today and for your future success.

Lately there has been lots of chatter about internships sparked by a growing movement to challenge the ‘no pay’ status that accompanies so many of them. Interns at the White House raised their opposition to unpaid internships. So did former interns at the Hearst Corporation, NBCUniversal and other corporate biggies.

Pay or no pay—the true value of many internships in non-profit, government, public and private sectors is being wasted.

The investment is being drained largely by how most internship programs are structured—as a one-way learning process.

Maximize your internship program with these five tips.

Survey: Employee engagement is top challenge for 2013


Call it the Great Cafeteria Butter Rebellion.

A company was restructuring, and the execs held a town hall meeting to lay out strategic decisions and discuss shifting business lines.
"Any questions?" a bigwig asked the employees.
The first: "Why is the cafeteria now charging for butter?"

Employee Engagement is Number-One Challenge for Communicators for 2013: Dulye & Co. Research

Pittsburgh, October 16 – Communication professionals from a broad range of organizations report that “Employee Engagement” is their number-one challenge for 2013, according to a recent poll conducted by Dulye & Co.

The same poll uncovered that communication professionals view “Employee Engagement” as an issue that is not on the priority list for company executives.

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Book Review by Linda Dulye, Speaking Volumes: Talk is one thing, but measurement and data tell the story.

About the book: Talk, Inc.: How Trusted Leaders Use Conversation to Power Their Organizations by Boris Groysberg and Michael Slind Harvard Business Review Press, 2012 256 pages
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Get Rid of Stale Survey Data With Instant Insight ™



What’s keeping your workforce from giving their best?

You  can’t afford to wait 12 months for an employee survey to tell you. Rapidly  gauge the attitude and actions of your organization with Dulye & Co.'s Instant  Insight™.

This unique measurement program goes beyond any survey  software by delivering hard results, simple analysis and actionable approaches  for improving performance lags.  No  lost time on cumbersome analytics, demographic sorts and statistical reviews.

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Engage Employees to Give Their Best

Thank you to everyone who attended the Engage Employees to Give Their Best webinar!

We would like to provide you with a complimentary consulting session on creating a Specator-Free Workplace where employees will go above and beyond. If you are interested in the complimentary session, or have any questions about the topics covered in the webinar, please contact Roger Gibboni at rgibboni@dulye.com / 845-987-7744.

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Pulse-Check Your Message through Real-Time Polling


At Dulye & Co., we believe the only way to determine if your communications or change efforts are moving the needle is to capture data as frequently as possible.

Our best-practice approach to designing all-hands meetings that work centers around collecting feedback from attendees before they leave a meeting. Over time, we’ve watched feedback mechanisms evolve from the tried-and-true paper and pen method to Web-based surveys and polls.

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Want Engaged Employees? Give Them a Voice


This month, Dulye & Co. president and founder Linda Dulye contributed an article to IABC's Communication World publication about how companies in every industry can move past "engagement" as a tagline and use it as a powerful competitive advantage.