Manager Training for 2021 Conscious Connectivity--A New Way of Leading through Uncertainty

The unvertainty that COVID-19 has brought to the business environment has made fostering employee engagement particularly challenging. The realities of remote work, social distancing and increasingly blurred work-life boundaries present hurdles that can hinder employee connection and communication.

Communication Essentials for Engaging Teams


Linda Dulye's workshop, Communication Essentials for Engaging Teams, earns accolades from American Society of Quality (ASQ) members. Here's what Ben Bonnell, Chair ASQ Berkshire Section, had to say: 

4 Ways to Keep Millennials from Fleeing Your Company

Here today, gone in a year. That’s the trajectory of many young professionals today. 
Gallup, in its much publicized engagement study about millennials, determined six in 10 were open to job hopping. But that doesn’t have to be the case. 
As the founder of the Dulye Leadership Experience (DLE)—a premiere career development and elite networking program for under-40 professionals...

Shake Off Career Burnout


Finally. The weather has broken and I’m rowing again on the Berkshires' beautiful lakes. For me, rowing is more than physical challenge.

It also keeps me mentally agile. Moving in a direction that I’m not facing requires frequent head turns to scan for obstacles. No matter how well I know the lake and shoreline, there is a high degree of unpredictability in every row that comes from sharing the water with fishing boats, kayaks, SUPs, water skiers, buoys, swimmers, fog bursts and the occasional bald eagle. 

Five Tested Tips for New Leaders Like the NFL’s First Female Coach


This week, Jen Welter got a great new job.

She became the first female coach in the  National Football League—receiving an offer from the Arizona Cardinals.

Experience and knowledge of the game earned  Welter--who holds a PhD in psychology and multiple championship titles from 14  years of play in the Women’s Football Alliance--her career advancement. But as  a newcomer to the Cardinals’ organization, Welter faces the challenge of quickly  integrating.

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Are You Suffering From LAHI?

Riding my bike this morning, I passed a bus stop where commuters were in cue, lined up single file and waiting. What instantly struck me was that all ten people were doing the exact same thing. Their heads were down, and their eyes and fingers were affixed to their cellphones. Complete silence. No one was talking with anyone inches away.

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Why are interns so crucial to a business?


Interns are one of the most invaluable assets that your company can invest in. “Why?” you might ask. Here’s 5 reasons:

Linda Dulye is teaming up with IABC/Harrisburg on upcoming webinar!


Webinar: Techniques for Engaging Leaders to Invest in Engagement

Speaker: Linda Dulye, President/Founder,
Dulye & Co. 

Date: Wednesday, April 22, 2015, 12-1:00 pm

Cost: Complimentary for IABC Members/$35.00 for Non-IABC members. All proceeds will support IABC/Harrisburg. 

This webinar is sponsored by the Harrisburg Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators.

Click here to learn more and register!

Stop Asking Employees for Their Feedback


That's sound advice for countless companies with leaders who genuinely aren't interested in associates' comments or really don't know how to hear them. Asking for feedback without ready and able leaders is a surefire way to destroy trust, morale and relationships.

Before you conduct another engagement survey or focus session to canvass employees' input, spend time preparing leaders to comfortably and confidently receive direct feedback—the bad and the good—and respond.

Dulye & Co. has trained thousands of executives, managers and supervisors in two-way communication techniques that:

  • relate important information
  • improve listening
  • stimulate conversations
  • promote shared learning
  • build personal confidence.

Our newest program—Communication Essentials for New Managers—is specifically tailored to help aspiring and first-time managers effectively connect with direct reports and motivate them to high performance.

Our in-person workshops and web-based seminars feature reality-based exercises that sharpen critical communication skills and practical tools that instantly transfer to the workplace.  And we track progress and accountability to sustain every manager’s development.

Find out more about our Spectator-Free Workplace™ Training Programs from Bev Pierce at Dulye & Co., bpierce@dulye.com or 708-788-6204. 

Lift Sagging Engagement by Driving SUV


Regardless of size, no company can afford spectator employees. Yet, they are out there in full force—especially in federal government offices.

Earlier this week, the annual "Best Places to Work" study by the Partnership for Public Service, revealed that federal employees' satisfaction and commitment are at their lowest point ever since 2003. The government-wide employee engagement score is 57 out of 100, based on survey data from workers at nearly 400 agencies. Max Stier, the president and chief executive of the Partnership for Public Service blames the erosion on "a failure of leadership."

Sad stats.  But correctable if managers do more than test drive SUV. Click here to continue reading...