Back from the Beach: Motivating Your Team for Q4 and Beyond

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Yes, the calendar says that summer isn't over yet but in the U.S. once Labor Day arrives, summer's over. For organizations, that means winding down the third quarter and preparing for what is typically a jam-packed Q4. 

Between the budget planning, strategic planning and HR-related activities, chances are you and your team will be running hard. And, despite summer vacations, team members likely feeling the fatigue of doing more with less. 

As a leader, you've got to keep your team motivated and energized as you push to the 2010 finish line. Here are some ideas for keeping momentum robust:

  • Shift roles and responsibilities. Just as your customers' plans might have changed since January, so too might your team's ability to support those customers. If your team has taken on new responsibilities, host a team planning session to ensure the right people are signed-up for the right tasks and projects. 
  • Identify stretch assignments. Use the last few months of the year as a time to introduce team members to new projects or assignments, roles that can develop or sharpen skills. Take a look at your staff's individual performance plans for the year. Are there opportunities to match career goals with current initiatives? Get creative.
  • Look for what's missing. As your team has been plugging away this year, has anything popped up along the way that you could be supporting? Perhaps a nascent program could benefit from your team's expertise. We often get hyper-focused on our annual plans and sometimes forget to look for new places to add value.   

Take time with your staff now to recalibrate your focus on the fourth quarter. It's time well spent.


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