9 Savvy Business Texting Tips

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Once text messaging became a mainstream tool for communicating, it was only a matter of time before the enterprise adopted it internally.
Dulye & Co. has a client that's integrating text messaging into the organization's communications mix and they turned to us for advice on how to do so effectively.
Here are nine texting tips you can use today to get started with text messaging:
  1. Introduce guidelines. What's the organization's strategy for messaging? Is it for emergencies only? Breaking news? Determine who has the authority to approve a message and its distribution.
  2. Don't overload the recipient. Just because the organization can send text messages doesn't mean it should blast them out every day. Be judicious.
  3. Keep it simple. As with any communication -- email, memo or voice message -- craft short messages with tightly worded information points.
  4. Mind the content. Use the medium wisely. Lean on your guidelines.
  5. Manage expectations. You sent out a fast-moving communication but don't expect immediate responses if one's required. Not everyone will be sitting at their desk waiting for a text message.
  6. Tune into the tone. Be conscious of tone in your messages -- sarcasm and humor don't work well in short- or long-form writing. Avoid acronyms.
  7. Be conscious of when you text. Be respectful of others' time. If you're working late at night, don't assume your colleagues are too. 
  8. Pay attention when text messaging. Don't text and drive. In fact, don't text and walk. Keep your personal safety in mind.
  9. Don't forget the tried-and-true communications. Voicemail, instant messaging and email helped transform how we communicate at work, but it didn't eliminate the need for face-to-face, two-way communication. The same goes for text messaging; it's a tool -- a convenient one, but a tool nonetheless.
The bottom line is that we all know how to text, now we need to think about how to do so in the workplace. Armed with these tips, you can integrate text messaging smoothly.


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