Five Engagement Secrets From Your Holiday Party

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Something fascinating occurred recently with one of our clients and, because it's the holiday season, we thought it was worth sharing in Spectator-Free Workplace.

A Dulye & Co. consultant was on a client call that was less than energetic. The meeting was led by a department manager and included very little participation by the employees in the room. That was until the topic changed from business issues to the group's holiday party. At that point, the meeting came alive. Why is that? 

There are five reasons why employees connect with events like the annual holiday party more so than typical corporate programs:

  1. Relevance. There's an instant "me" connection for employees when it comes to the holiday party – it's something of interest to me.
  2. Envisioning a role. People can see themselves involved in the office holiday party, whether in helping to plan and execute the event, decorate the room or simply by attending it. And they understand their role.
  3. Straight talk. There are no big buzzwords or confusing corporate talk surrounding the holiday party – everyone knows what it means and what to expect when they get there.
  4. Visualizing success. Talk to employees about a quality program or productivity initiative and chances are they won't have a clear vision of what success means. With a holiday party, on the other hand, it's easy to see what a successful event looks like.
  5. Capturing feedback. If you want to measure success of your holiday party, you can do so in several ways, from people in attendance to how much food was leftover to the number of people that left early.

Apply these five secrets to initiatives during the other 11 months of the year and you'll likely see engagement levels soar.


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