4 Steps to Better Staff Meetings

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Number4 If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be: "meetings." -- Dave Barry We find it extraordinary that after all the advances and innovation in how businesses are run, there most monumental challenge remains the meeting -- or, more specifically, the staff meeting. Last year we shared methods for re-energizing your staff meetings, and since then we've heard from clients and colleagues that these weekly team meetings still have a way to go before they get close to being a good use of time. Try these four ideas to breathe new life into your staff meetings:

  1. Assign. Don't leave the meeting topics to chance. Instead, communicate upfront specifically what you want each team member to share in the meeting.



  2. Unplug. Many leaders have invoked a no-smartphone rule in meetings to curb distractions. We recommend they take it a step further and ban BlackBerry and iPhone devices from meetings altogether. Just because a phone is in silent mode doesn't mean it can't be played with. It might not be a popular move, but we're willing to bet it will help keep the meeting on track.



  3. Teach. Include as part of your agenda a few minutes to share new tools or resources the team can use to do their jobs better. Also, share the names of contacts within the organization that can help get specific processes kick-started or tasks completed.



  4. Recognize. Don't let a staff meeting end without recognizing at least one team member for delighting a customer or completing an important project.

What tactics do you use to pump up your meetings? ---

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